Hole 9

Hole 9 plays back up the small rise. The short tee is on top of the rise and out of the trees but has the row of trees all along the left side. The long tee has a tight tunnel shot up the rise and out of the trees. For those that can resist the urge to go for the basket, there is plenty of room to the right.

If you go directly at the basket from the red tee and you start fading left too early, you WILL be in the trees and you WILL be in jail. Trust me on this one. The end of the trees is about 200 feet out. Play straight out of the opening from the blue and you will be allright. It plays slightly away from the trees. If you throw something high and floaty that fades left, see above starting with "you WILL". I put the red tee sign far to the left so it wouldn't get hit. It didn't work so well because the first time I threw this after we set the baskets, I drilled the tee sign.