I74  :  15 miles SE of Bloomington : Exit 149

Heading east on 74, exit at LeRoy 149. Turn right at stop sign(south). Take first left at Super 8. Turn right at the 2600 road. Follow this road(Salt Creek road) about a mile or so. After you make a curve to the right, the entrance to the course is right after the silos. There is currently a large pile of stumps as you enter. An access road goes back into the park for city vehicles only. It will soon be blocked off to the public. Please park near the gate. You will see hole 1 to your right as you enter.


My suggestions if you play golf here anytime soon: Bring extra shoes, pants, and socks to change into when you are done. Shoes should be plenty, but I like to play it safe. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS! I would carry my discs in a plastic shopping bag so you don't set your regular bag in any poison ivy. "Ivy Block" on your hands and arms is a good idea. Some wet wipes or a damp towel in a plastic bag to wipe your hands when you are done. Wash your discs with soap and water when you get home. The rough is still very rough so you might have to look hard if you miss a fairway in the trees. I'm not trying to scare anyone away, I just want you to be prepared.