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Annville, PA 17003


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In Fall of 2016, I am teaching Probability for Risk Management (ASC 281) and Real Analysis (MAS 311). 


I research algebraic number theory, particularly special values of L-functions, and elementary number theory. Particular topics that interest me include:
  • Stark's conjectures, specifically the Brumer-Stark conjecture
  • integrality properties and congruences for values of equivariant Artin L-functions
  • Leopoldt's conjecture
  • explicit reciprocity laws and explicit class field theory
  • Euler systems
  • binary quadratic forms
  • continued fractions

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I grew up in southern Los Angeles County.  I moved south for college, doing both my undergraduate and graduate studies at the beautiful University of California, San Diego.  After a postdoctoral position at the University of California, Irvine, I moved east with my wife Kelly and daughter Lilah to take a position at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA.  I spend a lot of time with my family having fun around the house and cycling around the local country roads. I am an expert Boggle player, actively playing the mobile apps Ruzzle (UN: Apoplexy) and Scramble With Friends (UN: Apoplexic).  (Please challenge me, but send me an email first so I don't accidentally decline your invite.)  In my past and perhaps also my future, I was a drummer.