Potted Curriculum Vitae:

I did my PhD on soil chemistry and hydrochemistry whilst at the University of Sheffield and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (Merlewood Research Station, Cumbria).  I moved to the British Geological Survey (natural Environment Research Council) in 1996 and undertook research on a range of UK and international geochemistry projects in south America, the Caribbean and East Africa.  I took a one-year secondement in 1999 to work at the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution to work on the ground-breaking study “Energy - the Changing Climate” (http://www.rcep.org.uk/news/00-2.htm

I returned to BGS and began to focus on soil science research and geochemistry.  I am a member of the British Standards Institution committee on Soil Quality and currently vice-chair of the Geological Society of London’s Forensic Geology Group.

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