I am an environmental soil scientist based at the British Geological Survey's headquarters in Nottingham, UK. My research interests cover a diverse range of applied topics; environmental geochemistry, soil science (including digital soil mapping, soil carbon and char) and forensic geology.  In both environmental geochemistry and soil science I have applied geostatistical techniques to understand the distribution of naturally occurring and pollutant elements in both rural and urban settings, mostly in the UK. My research focusses on a range of soil properties, processes and measurement techniques:

My research interests include the following: 

  • the factors which control the distribution of potentially harmful elements in the soil and wider environment; Jenny’s factors of soil formation.
  • soil carbon fractions and their interactions with minerals
  • the use of airborne radiometric survey data to map soil properties and study erosion (137 Cs)
  •   the processes which influence the properties and fate of black carbon or char – a potential long-term sink for soil carbon
  • the use of large soil archives and databases in forensic investigations and forensic geology
  • Digital Soil Mapping

I lead the Sustainable Soils Team at the British Geological Survey (link).

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