MetaPlay ~ The Final Absolution

When last we left our intrepid playwright some five years ago [January 2011], he was still musing on the working title of the next comic opera in the Rinse Cycle...

The Ring of the Neener Bomb

Previously, Schadenfreude Theatre presented a pair of seemingly unrelated operas, one entitled Fear and Loathing in Lost Vagueness and one entitled No One Expects the Spammish Inquisition! [Not to mention a subsequent one entitled Rocky Horror Brain Cafe.]

Those historic productions were in addition to an earlier Soap Opera entitled Bildungsroman in the Age of Character Assassination which featured Bela, Klaatu, Moulton, and a variety of walk-on cameos by various and sundry characters from the Original ATI/RI/PDR Soap Opera which Bela graciously kicked off some seven years ago [in 2005 in a now-defunct social network site called World Crossing].

Now [September 2008] the third opera in the Ring of the Neener Bomb is getting underway at the English Wikipedia and at Wikiversity. This one is tentatively called The Final Absolution and promises to have considerably better music than the utter atrocities previously composed by Barsoom Tork Associates.

The tentative plan [in 2008] was to place the proposed drama aboard a Ship, the HMS Final Absolution. On the prow of the Ship, in lieu of a statue of a naked lady, there was to be a sculpture of a Fucshia Foofy Loofah. The cargo was slated to be Vanilla Bean Soap-On-a-Rope.

However, I'm now [in January 2011] thinking that instead of a Fucshia Foofy Loofah, I'll use a piece of Stainless Steel Wool as an Anode, and a Deuterated Palladium Cathode in lieu of the Vanilla Bean Soap-On-a-Rope. The Ship will be propelled by a noisy burst of pulsing energy through a fabulous spray of swirling mist. [The impetus for that never-produced drama was a misadventure in Wikiversity over the propriety of a course on Cold Fusion.]

I'm especially looking forward to crafting the grand finale, "The Riot of the Mockeries."
Clearly, the above concept was an utterly ludicrous non-starter.

Shunning / Connection
Shunning / Connection
Now [in 2016] the plan is to produce a Meta-Play of the same name (The Final Absolution) in which the main actors on stage remain entirely mute with their backs turned to each other throughout the play. Much like Our Town, the Meta-Play will feature a Narrator played by The Ol' Geek Chorus which has the responsibility for reading the minds of each of the mute actors on stage.  Alas, the Ol' Geek Chorus is no better at mind-reading than anyone else who bothered to take Psych 101 at age 20.

The Ol' Geek Chorus will thus rely on musical flights of fancy to imagine haphazard theories of mind of each of the non-speaking and strangely estranged characters on stage.  The non-speaking characters will react by putting their fingers in their ears and otherwise shuddering in agony when the Ol' Geek Chorus comes around to divining their frames of mind.  But they will snicker in gleeful schadenfreude when their antagonists are erratically psychoanalyzed. 

Cast of characters:

 • The Ol' Geek Chorus

 • Noam Quellor

 • Barsoom Tork

 • Alpheba Newell Velveti

 • Jesseyah

 • Anomalé

 • Connifer Asherah

 • Algorithe

Besides the grand finale, "The Riot of the Mockeries," musical numbers will include these recurring classics:

 •  "You Better Be Nice To Me" ~ Algorithe

 •  "Something Happening Here" ~ Caprice

•  "Dr. StrangeQuellor" ~ Anomalé and Barsoom Tork

 •  "You've Got a Friend" ~ Algorithe

 •  "The Night They Drove Ol' Moulton Down" ~ Barsoom Tork

 •  "The Biker Cafe" ~ Amis Créatifs

 •  "Smoke Comes Out Your Ears" ~ Barsoom Tork

 •  "Outfoxer" ~ Barsoom Tork

 •  "My Alpheba" ~ Jesseyah 

 •  "Maniacs and Narcissists" ~ Alpheba Newell Velveti

•  "Every Story Told Is Reviewed Again" ~ Alpheba Newell Velveti

 •  "Pariah" ~ Barsoom Tork

 •  "What Kind of Troll Am I?" ~ Barsoom Tork

 •  "Please Don't Let Me Be An Alien" ~ Barsoom Tork

 •  "A Play For My Friends" ~ Noam Quellor

 •  "No Exit" ~ Connifer Asherah, Alpheba Newell Velveti, and Noam Quellor

 •  "Ol' Man Moulton" ~ Ol' Geek Chorus

Funding for Schadenfreude Theatre of the Absurd is provided by Cluster B with Anonymity and by The American Visceral Society in cooperation with the Fast Feud Division of International Malefactor and Fulminator.

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Amis Créatifs in cooperation with Schadenfreude Theatre of the Absurd.