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Bedfordshire Lyric Opera

Bedfordshire Lyric Opera


Tempest in a Tee Spot

Chronicling the Iniquities of the Condo Board of Trustees

Tempest in a Tee Spot
Ya Got Trouble

Jimbo's Lament
Course of the Squooshy Tees

Odd Socracy Tackles Condo's ad hoc Ochlocracy
Parking Prison Blues

Lawyers: First they shake you up. Then they shake you down.
Meebus and the M.T.A.

The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the FenWay
Fenway and the Mean Trustees
The Improbable Legend of Barsoom Tork and the Dragon

The Stepford Lives
Little Golf Carts

Into the Woods
Tie a Colored Ribbon 'Round the Dead Elm Tree

It Was Sad When That Great Tree Went Down

No Parking!
Parking Zone

Smokey Joe's Lament
Smoke Comes Out Your Ears