Burnt Umbrage

Welcome to Moulton's Burnt Umbrage Anthology at Google.

Burnt Umbrage n. (Colour) The warm hue of gloomy dissatisfaction.

"Umbrage" is another word for Anger.

If one is upset at some unfairness or injustice, one might "take umbrage" (meaning express one's anger) at the situation.

But if one sits and meditates, and lets the "hot-headed fires of anger" subside, one is left with an emotional state that I call "Burnt Umbrage" in which one is better equipped to conscientiously address the underlying problem of injustice or unfairness in a more sober, reasoned, and systematic manner.

These articles are the product of Burnt Umbrage. 

 Cognition, Affect, and Learning ~ Summary of research on emotions and learning

 Compassion Conundrum ~ Two spiritual beings have a conversation about being human. 

 Bedfordshire Lyric Opera ~ Chronicling the iniquities of the Condominium Board

 The War On Terror: Terrorist vs Anti-Terrorist ~ A cartoon animation

 Computational Thinking

 Pattern Recognition Intelligence

 Antinomy and Antagony

 Rat Park — A story from Stuart McMillen about drug addiction research

 Socratic Method Template

 MoS Sorting Activity

 AC Burst Noise ~ An arcane technical analysis relevant to Cold Fusion experiments

 Moulton's Home Page at MuseNet 

 Bring a Candle, Not a Sparkler ~ Memoirs of Online Learning Activities from the 1990s

 Moulton's Utnebury Pages

 The Musings of Montana Mouse

 A Dueteronomic Descant

 Gastrin Bombesin

 The Insouciant Kangaroo

 Scathing Review of RHBC by Gastrin Bombesin of The Daily Zeitgeist

 How I Escaped Going To Prison ~ An episode in the Misadventures of Moulton

 What Mad Pursuit ~ A Personal View of Wikimedia

 Outcast ~ Song parody video of Dragostea Din Tei by Leg-O-Zone

 Capricious Cookies ~ A chat with a colleague.

 Intractable Problems ~ A long discussion thread from Facebook

 Dr. StrangeFlirt ~ A send-up in honor of Mordant Baloney

 Dr. StrangePaine ~ A send-up in honor of Stuart Sims

 Stuart Sims ~ Army of One ~ The inspiration for Dr. StrangePaine

 Karlis Sheolmeisters Complaint ~ A complaint about a parody poster

 Dr. StrangeLynnxe ~ A send-up in honor of Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

 ArtStorm ~ Bildungsroman in the Age of Character Assassination

 Beyond Numb ~ John Kellden

 Systemic Blunders ~ Imaginary Book Titles

 Designs of a Mind ~ Soulfoul Images on Reality and Self

 Fortnight Follies ~ A Game of Creative Writing for Myst Online Uru Live

 Toyaanisqatsi ~ Source Material

 Dr. StrangeXilli ~ A send-up in honor of Xenia Elizabeth Zilli

 Francisco Costa Barreto ~ Documenting a Struggle to Complete a Homework Assignment

 Simon Chatzigiannis ~ The Kerfuffle Dialogues

 Robert Conan Ryan ~ The Kerfuffle Dialogues

 Robert Adam Rosenwald ~ The Kerfuffle Dialogues

 Robyn Lewis ~ The Kerfuffle Dialogues

 Ioanna Valinorse ~ The Kerfuffle Dialogues

 Jera Wolfe ~ Bearing Accurate Witness

 Kevin Parcell ~ Modeling the Practice of Being a Fascistic Jerk

 The Brouwer-Kakutani Fixed Point Theorem

 Feynman on the Scientific Method ~ YouTube Video with Transcript