Player Drivers

Kevin Barry - University of Detroit Mercy Advanced Mobility Laboratory


Simple watchdog for position2d velocity commands. Basically acts as a passthrough driver for position2d, however if you fail to send a command within the allowed time, a stop command is sent to the underlying device. This is great for if you are debugging and hitting ^C frequently, which stops your program before it can stop the vehicle, and don't want to chase the robot or watch it hit an obstacle in Stage.




position3d driver for the PNI "High Performance Binary Protocol" used by PNI on there TCM3 (and perhaps others) compasses. Provides yaw/pitch/roll.




position2d driver for a robot built on a QuickSilver drivetrain. Requires qsDrivetrain firmware also.

Source Code: Coming soon...



Provide a planner (and position2d) interface with the data/commands processed by another client program. Control-client to planner interface communication is done over opaque. This allows implementing a path planner in a high-level language (like MATLAB) but still interfacing with it via the standard Player interface.



Provide a laser interface with data generated by a client program and sent over the opaque interface. This is meant for using image processing for VFH. This driver actually can use an existing laser and will combine both (Choosing the minimum range as the reported range) or falls back to just relaying laser data if the opaque data becomes stale (You're not running Image processing because you only wish to avoid laser-seen obstacles).