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The Future of File Sharing and Syncing Data

  • Free storage up to 2 Gig. Small fees for up to 100 Gig.

  • Create separate Share folders inside of Dropbox. For example:
    • Project Folder team projects
    • Friends folder (to share and transfer files)
    • Photos folder to share images & videos
DropBox is a brilliant piece of web-based software that allows for storing and sharing of files between computers. It behaves like a remote online hard drive, and removes the hassles of networking local computers, carrying flash drives, etc.

But more important, it is a simple way to seamlessly and automatically sync data between computers --- PC's, Mac's, and Linux.

Check out the dozens and dozens of possibilities.

Check out
 this blog post and watch the great YouTube tutorial.
Example: sync your work computer, home computer, and notebook computer.

Watch a short DropBox video, or take a Tour.

Scenario #1:
  • Download DropBox onto computer #1 (PC, Mac, Linux)
    • Install DropBox
    • Login with your email address.
    • A DropBox Folder is created inside of the Documents folder (or wherever you choose).
    • Drag all files (any filetype) into the DropBox Folder
    • They're instantly synchronized with a Dropbox folder on the DropBox website.
    • Access these files by simply logging into getdropbox.com from any computer, any time, any where.

  • Download DropBox onto computer #2 (PC, Mac, Linux)
    • Use the same Login (email account) as computer #1
    • ALL files from PC#1 are synchronized on computer #2 (regardless of platform)
    • Edit or add files from either computer and they are instantly synchronized.