About Us

Since 1978, Barry Hershey, Inc. has been a builder of quality custom homes in many different locations around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Stonehenge, Weatherburn, Hillcrest Manor, Southview Heights and Haddonfield are just a few places in which we have built homes over the years.  More recently, the developments of Silverwood Drive and Autumn Leaf Estates have been built exclusively with the quality of home that people have come to expect from Barry Hershey, Inc.  That does not mean that we only build new homes as we also do additions, specializing in In-Law Quarters, as well as renovation work.

Every builder has their own niche, the things that set them apart from other builders.  What's our niche?

Quality.  It's a very heavily used word in the building industry.  We know that it is only as good as the product that you provide and we do our best to make sure that every home we build lives up to the "quality" tag we place on it.  We know that it's the attention to detail throughout the whole project that matters.  Quality can be seen in all the finishing touches on the inside and outside of a home, but it is also found in the things you cannot see.   We strive to make sure that everything we do, down to the smallest detail,  meets the high standards that our customers want from us.  We will never cut corners!
Custom.  Every home we design and build was done so with the customer in mind.  Every decision made is to satisfy the tastes and needs of whomever we are building the home for, from the designing phase to the finishing touches.  Would you like a downstairs master suite, low-voltage candles in the windows, stamped concrete patio, a brick walkway?  Every detail is decided on by the customer, for the customer.  We do not give you a choice of a few home designs, let you pick a few colors and declare that we have given you a custom home.  That is just not who we are.

- Our Size.  We are proud to be a small business.  We do not have a sales department, or a warranty department, or a complaints department.  We have Barry.  Throughout the whole project, you will work with Barry directly and all of your questions, concerns, color selections, and any other decisions that need to be made will be done alongside Barry.

Experience.  30 years of it.  From large luxury homes, to smaller homes, to additions, to In-law quarters.  We've done a variety of work over the years and bring that experience to every job we do.

- Our Subcontractors.  Many of our subs have as long of a track record as we do.  In fact many of them we have been doing business with for over 20 years.  Why might that be important?  Our subs know us and we know them.  They know what kind of quality we expect to give our customer and we know that they will be able to provide that quality.