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Please read the following before you post.

Other groups and fora:
  • Check you are in the correct group. This group deals with the Javascript Version 2 and Static Maps APIs. For pages whose URL starts "", you need the Google Maps Group.

  • Search in the group for your question/error first (e.g. "removing markers" or "error: a has no properties") — you're likely to find threads with relevant answers. Many issues/questions are common and have been answered before. The search box is at the top of the screen and most posts are in English.

    Also, check out the documentation, frequently asked questions, and terms of use.

    However, please don't add your query to an existing discussion thread unless you are absolutely certain that it's the same issue. It's better to start a new thread.
If you're in the right group and still haven't found the answer to your question in the resources, read these posting guidelines to make sure that you'll get a helpful response:
  1. Important! Post a link to your map page.

    If you have a question, it's almost certainly because you have tried something and found a problem. Most developers here will not debug your problem or comment on your question unless you provide a URL to the map online. That's a link to the page with the map, not to the homepage, nor to a picture or a code listing. Even if your map is still being developed, if you need advice on it then you need to help the Group to help you.

    Posting code is not helpful, although if you have a specific question about a specific few (less than five) lines of code, you might get an answer if you post those. Don't be surprised if you get asked for a link instead.

    If you have no server yet, or if you're worried about uploading unfinished code to your company's server, upload to Tripod or some other free host. If you don't want to publish a company domain name or url, you can disguise the address with a link-shrinking service like TinyURL, Shrinkalink, Linkshrinker, Link-shrink, editURL, or similar services.

  2. Don't post any code from the API itself, and please don't post a code snippet unless you are absolutely certain that it's the part you need to ask about. In a sizeable proportion of cases, it's not the code which is at fault, it's the data, and this can only be checked with a link so that others can experience what you do.
    Don't post error messages without posting a link to your map. API error messages tend not to be informative.

  3. Describe the Operating System and Browser versions that you experience the error in (e.g. Mac OS/X, Safari; Win XP SP3, IE7). Please don't forget to describe exactly how to reproduce the problem you experience. Include any data needed -- you may know your postcode/zipcode system (for example), but others probably won't. If you get an error message, quote the exact message (copy/paste if possible).
  • Note: If you haven't posted before, your post will need to be moderated before it appears. Generally this happens quite quickly, but it could take as long as 24 hours. Please wait before repeating your posting. Moderation of new members is an anti-spam measure, and should only affect your first post to the group.

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Other points to consider:

  • If you're new to Javascript programming or Object-oriented programming concepts, consider going through some of the many available tutorials on the web first, so that you can understand the advice given to you here. If you don't want to learn programming but want a simple map on your site, consider creating an embeddable Google My Map instead.

    • If you're new to debugging JavaScript, consider using Firefox's Error Console (under Tools menu), or for more extensive debugging, download the Firebug plug-in for Firefox. If you don't understand the meaning of the error in the console, report it in your post. For an intro to those tools, watch this screencast.
  • Don't forget any non-disclosure agreements! Even if you remove a posting with a company-specific URL, it will have been indexed for searching and will have been emailed to group members You can disguise URLs (see point number 1 in the box above)
  • Just for completeness, please note that the Group operates a zero-tolerance policy on spam. If you post messages or upload files which are judged to be spam, they will be removed and you will be summarily banned. (We had to mention that somewhere; here is as good a place as any)