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Second Sight

posted 20 May 2010, 09:50 by Charlie Barrow   [ updated 20 May 2010, 10:15 ]
I'm really excited as our I Dream Of Learning room at school gets closer to completion. The school have now invested in some new kit in the form of PSPs running Second Sight applications. Following my obsession with augmented reality earlier in the year, it seems that the educational application has been captured by the people at ConnectED and they have rolled out some great educational AR resources. Have a look at the video and case studies to see the exciting ways that AR can be used. I am especially interested in the feature that allows user generated content as well as using semacodes to trigger audio and video.

*** It may also be worth pointing out that there is currently a plug-in available from ARSights that allows you view 3D models of famous landmarks from all over the world in Google Earth using any laptop with a webcam. The very same semacode also works with a Google Sketchup plug in. The demo version of this allows you 30 second 3D views of ANY Sketchup creation. It is definitely worth looking at.

ARSight's Google Sketchup plug-in