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GPS AR Trial @ Strand Juniors' Hampton Court Trip

posted 31 Mar 2010, 09:15 by Charlie Barrow   [ updated 31 Mar 2010, 10:16 ]

Today, we attempted a different kind of treasure hunt with my year 4 class. During our trip to Hampton Court Palace, to mark the end of our Tudors topic, we were lucky enough to try Wikitude out on the HTC G1 handsets. The handsets were lent to us by Brentford City Learning Centre to enable us to develop this project.

Children worked in small, adult supervised groups and used the handsets to find points of interest at the Palace.
The children pointed the handsets at in the direction of the point of interest and followed the icon on the screen until they found it. Once there, they clicked the icon on the screen and brought up information and a task for them t 
o do in their ideas books.

Using google maps, I marked the points of interest and wrote the information and tasks. Then I was able to upload the .kml file to to create my 'world'. To my surprise, this world was included in the main list of worlds available to users of wikitude and therefore easy to find and isolate using the handsets.

The children enjoyed the chance to use technology to enrich their visit and managed to find parts of Hampton Court Palace that they may not have found had they just walked round as a class. It enabled me to provide more of a focus for the 'exploration' time that children had.
There are several points for improvement for this project which I will work on. I will include a class evaluation shortly.

Here's a short video explaining how wikitude works: