Competition Information

Below is a list of swimming meets that the swimmers can look to enter.
Certain meets throughout the year will be targetted by the squads.
The main focus of the year for the majority of the swimmers is the Cumbria Age Group Championships. These take place in March of each year. There are qualifying times for all of the events. The swimmers should look to enter gala's to obtain these qualifying times.  All qualifying times must have been achieved at a licensed meet and the times must appear on the British Swimming rankings database.   
Swimmers in the Performance and A Squads should be targetting Regional and National Qaulifying times.

Qualifying Times:


Competition Entry Proceedure - External meets only
  1. Pay either Andy Sharpe, Alison Sharpe or Maureen MacBratney the entry fee.
  2. They will provide you with a numbered receipt.
  3. Use the meet entry form attached for all competition entries and fill in the relevant details including the receipt number.
  4. Then email the form to: for all competitions except Club Champs.
Note: Entries cannot be accepted without payment and a completed entry form

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