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Fat Italian Chef Decorations

fat italian chef decorations
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the chef before the crowd
the chef before the crowd
Almost everyday on my way home from work, I take the viaduct and exit on Western to take the Battery Street exit to First Avenue. And most of the times, late afternoon and right before he opens his restaurant for business, Lampreia's chef/owner Scott Carsberg is outside the restaurant chatting with friends and neighbors. It is sort of a small town, comforting sight. A little minuscule and probably insignificant detail that I enjoy partaking of at the end of the day. And to those of you familiar with the neighborhood, as you can see, that horrid covering has finally come off the building. Yay! :)
Former Burger Chef sign, Tama, Iowa
Former Burger Chef sign, Tama, Iowa
I spotted this sign-frame monstrosity out of the corner of my eye on an old highway alignment in Iowa on the last day of my trip home, and made a ridiculously-sharp turn just to see it. The 1960s Burger Chef building was still there as well; but annexed and sheathed in siding to the point of unrecognizability.

fat italian chef decorations
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