Fabrizio Barroero

Since February 2017, I am a wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Postdoc) at the University of Basel in Switzerland. I am employed in the project "Diophantine Problems, o-Minimality, and Heights" of Prof. Philipp Habegger.

Previously, I was a Research Assistant at the School of Mathematics of the University of Manchester, UK, in the EPSRC project "Model theory, functional transcendence and diophantine geometry" (P. I. Dr. Gareth Jones). Before that, I held a PostDoc position at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa under the supervision of Prof. Umberto Zannier, as part of the ERC-Advanced Grant “Diophantine problems”.

I got my Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics at the Technical University of Graz, in Austria, under the supervision of Prof. Robert Tichy.

I am interested in Number Theory, in particular in the theory of height functions in Diophantine analysis and in problems of "Unlikely Intersections". Other recent interests of mine are the applications of Model Theory, o-minimality in particular, to Number Theory.

Fabrizio Barroero (Office 03.002)
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