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Sureno Gangs in the United States
All across the United States, communities are seeing the spread of criminal street gangs.  In some areas the gang problem is still in its infancy while in other areas it is well-established.  From coast to coast, no other umbrella group has established a presence in more communities than the Surenos; a group of largely Hispanic gangs formed on the streets and in the prisons of Southern California.
Today Sureno gangs can be found from California to Maryland, from Wisconsin to Texas, and almost everywhere in between.  These gangs range in size from a handful of members to several thousand.  Some will be unique to a single community while others, like Barrio 18th Street, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), Florencia and White Fence have established themselves in many areas across the United States.  With these gangs comes a wide range of criminal activity from basic quality of life crimes to large scale narcotics distribution, extortion and homicide.  Their criminal activity is not limited to any single community.  They can affect all areas; the inner-city, the suburbs, rural communities; nowhere is immune.
 The purpose of this site is to provide law enforcement, correctional personnel and the community in general with basic information about criminal street gangs; especially those gangs falling under the umbrella of the Surenos.  The author of this site, Andrew Eways, has spent years investigating and researching these gangs as a sworn law enforcement officer and provides instruction to law enforcement officers, correctional personnel, parole and probation personnel, educators and other community groups.  He is an executive board member of the International Latino Gang Investigators Association (ILGIA), an instructor with the Homefront Protective Group, and co-author of the recent book BEST: Barrio Eighteenth Street, Mara Salvatrucha, and Other Sureno Gangs Across America which is currently available for order on this site at the Available for Order page on the site menu.
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