Barriers of a Broken Soul

    Welcome to Barriers of a Broken Soul. Barriers of a Broken Soul is a story about a boy, about love, and about friendship. It is about understanding who you are, and learning how to cope with life. More information and chapters can be found in the sidebar. 
    Barriers of a Broken Soul was written by Joey Crump, based on real-life events with some fictional elements. Names have been changed. There is no offense or harm intended by this work or its author.
   Note: This story is rated PG-13. There is some mild swearing and innuendo, as well as very few references to sex. There is nothing explicit. Also, the themes presented here are rather dark at times, and are intended for mature audiences. 
    To start reading, head to the Chapters section on the right!

 I have written an in-depth, detailed analysis of the story, which also serves as a commentary. If you want to know more about the characters, writing process, or themes, check out the ANAYLSIS page!
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