Barrie Gelles is a fellowship student in the PhD Program in Theatre at The Graduate Center at CUNY. As of May 2012, she has completed all of her course work and will now be focusing on her own course of study towards dissertation.  She completed her Masters, in Theatre, at Hunter College and has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, where she was fortunate enough to have a truly unique educational experience.  Barrie has previously taught at Hunter College and currently has a three-year graduate teaching fellowship appointment at Brooklyn College.   She has given lectures on Shakespeare in performance, directing Shakespeare, and musical theatre at various academic and cultural institutions. Barrie also teaches a theatre-going class at the 92ndSt Y Tribeca.

In addition to Barrie's scholarly pursuits, she directs theatre throughout New York City.  She is partial to new works, and she is blessed to work with talented and inspiring actors and playwrights.  She has worked, in various capacities, with Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Gallery Players, Communicable Arts, Wingspan Arts, and French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts, among others.  Aside from her penchant for new works, she has directed more than her fair share of musicals and Shakespeare comedies.  

Barrie's scholarly areas of interests include American Musical Theatre, Theories of Acting and Directing in Training and Practice, and the interrelation of Jewish Studies with Theatre Studies.  When she isn't studying theatre, writing about theatre, making theatre, or attending theatre, she is learning Yiddish.