A meeting was held in Portcullis House on 19th July 2017 to launch the Less Survivable Cancers task force.

The initiative representing five least survivable cancers, lung, liver, oesophageal, brain, pancreatic & stomach cancer, aims to

  • Raise awareness of symptoms

  • Speed up paths to treatment

  • Remove barriers to treatment trials

  • Set government backed survival targets for each cancer

  • Increase investments in research

Currently the 11 more-survivable cancers (eg Breast, leukemia, bowel, prostate) with a 64% post diagnosis survival, receive five times the research funding whilst the less survivable with just a 14% post diagnosis survival rate, responsible for 51.5% of all cancer mortalities get just 20%.

John Baron, MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer, opened the proceedings followed by five two-minute presentations by survivors of less-survivable cancers starting with Bob MacQueen (right) talking on the need to raise awareness of symptoms who was lucky his oesophageal cancer was caught at T1 whence ablation therapy was effective.

Steven Brine, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care, concluded the meeting.