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Our Polo shirts are available In whichever colour you like.for just £15 each.
We make no profit from the sale of shirts.
£15 is the normal cost price of shirt plus printing plus VAT (yes, we do have to pay VAT on clothing items) plus postage.

Where will you wear yours?

As extra inspiration, we have started
a photo album: "Where in the world".

Please send us a photo showing where our shirts have been worn - be it an exotic foreign holiday, at work, picnicking in the New Forest or shopping at West Quay.

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'It takes a t-shirt and 12yr old to give it to me straight!'

One of our members sent one of our polo shirts to a little girl suffering from Barrett's and complications from acid reflux. This letter from her mum is the result:

"You will be pleased to know the pale blue polo shirt you sent raised so much awareness, for example on one of the occasions my daughter was rushed into hospital recently she was wearing it as she often does.
A man visiting someone in the next bed asked about it so she explained. He was in shock and explained that he had been suffering major heartburn for just over a year and put it down to gaining weight, even his dentist told him to look into it but did not explain how important it was.

'Oh it takes a t-shirt and a 12yr old to give it to me straight!' Is what he said and promised to make an appointment to see his doc then started a full on conversation about the t-shirt involving everyone in that and the next ward; right old mothers meeting it turned into. 

Still It all helps to spread the word. Hope he was okay."

  All Barrett's Wessex shirts are only £15  
Polo Shirts and t-shirts are available in Small (32"-34"),
Medium (36"-38"),
Large (40"-42") and
XL (44"-46")

Polo shirts are available in the colours shown above and t-shirts are yellow.
Polo shirts have a discreet "breast pocket" size logo. T-shirts are printed both sides.

Complimentary t-shirts are usually awarded to anyone fund raising for the charity.

Running vests(ladies' and men's) and cycle jerseys are also available in BOUK colours  and Barrett's Wessex colours.

Barrett's Oesophagus UK   t-shirts are also available.

Thank you to the friendly staff of Caroline's T shirts for their help in realising our designs and for their efficient service.

Cool Food cook book
We cannot guarantee these recipes will work for you but they have worked for others.
If you suffer acid reflux, why not give it a try?
We no longer make a fixed charge for this but suggest a donation of £6 (plus £1.50 postage).

"The recipes in this book are not only delicious but have been thoroughly thought out to help reduce the acids that can potentially cause Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma.

Having a history of this condition in my family I am delighted to see the positive steps being taken by Southampton hospital.

High praise is also due to the author and her creative taste buds."

Aldo Zilli. (Celebrity Italian Chef)

The Down With Acid book about Acid Reflux - its complications and management, is not sold for profit and may be downloaded free from the website, A printed copy will be sent to anyone on request but we suggest a minimum donation of £7 + £2 postage via
or and emailing requesting one.

An unsolicited review said, "thorough, comprehensive, approachable yet scientifically literate.... Please do send a donation to Barretts Wessex and obtain the book .
The STOP campaign t-shirt shown here is also available at the same price.

Barrett's UK branded pens with Barrett's UK website and Barrett's phone number, are available at education meetings and drop ins but we can send you one on request.

Keyrings have a Barrett's support logo on one side and contact information on the other.
Available for any Barrett's support group.

We ask for a minimum donation of 50p for each keyring or pen.

Postage costs are usually £1.74 for one or more items.

(Payment may be made by credit or debit card via PayPal, on-line bank transfer, cheque or cash)