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Are you up for a Grand Challenge?

When Barrett's Wessex started, it was part of Barrett’s Oesophagus Campaign (BOC), now renamed “Barrett’s Oesophagus UK” (BOUK).

When BW became an independent charity in 2012, it was to enable it to focus on patient support whilst BOUK focussed on enabling research principally through the maintenance of the UK Barrett’s Registry (UKBOR). We remain allied to them and one of our objectives is to raise funds to support their research and UKBOR.

Hitherto, we have concentrated on raising funds for the purchase of equipment for Southampton Hospital, advertising to raise awareness, enabling the printing of our free literature and the launching of other support groups, fulfilling our other charitable objects.

However, UKBOR now needs a large injection of funds to enable new premises and support and to enable participation in a joint international research project to determine those most at risk of developing oesophageal cancer.

The proposal is we focus fundraising activities towards this through a “Grand challenge”.

The Grand Challenge is to raise a grand (£1000). This may be done individually or as a team effort, over a period of time or just a one-off event.


An individual could take on a sponsored walk, run or cycle challenge.

A whole support group could take on a challenge over a year through coffee mornings, tea parties, car boot sales etc.

Other ideas will appear in due course on the Grand Challenge page on our website.

The objective is to raise £1000 in a manner and a time frame to suit yourself. Let us know what you are doing and we will support you with any materials you may need: posters, fliers, on-line advertising through our forum and facebook page, T-shirts, collecting buckets etc. We can even lend you our gazebo and pop up banners if helpful.

Your reward is to know your endeavours will help prevent deaths to oesophageal cancer, but we will also provide you with a certificate and a medal to endorse our appreciation of your achievement.