Barrett's Bournemouth is a branch of Barrett's Wessex able to organise our own regional activities.
Barrett's Wessex has other branches in Bath,Salisbury, New Forest and Southampton.
(See Barrett's UK for more groups.)

Members of Barrett's Bournemouth are full members of Barrett's Wessex, with a vote at the Annual General Meetings held in Southampton in June (email, proxy and postal voting permitted).

If you wish to be part of Barrett's Bournemouth, please email
secretary@barrettswessex.org.uk and say you wish to be part of Barrett's Bournemouth.

Presently the Local Organising Group consists of
Kim Deabill,
Graham Boorer
Robert Furnell

If you wish to join our committee, please email enquiries@BarrettsBournemouth.org.uk or talk to us at one of our drop-in sessions.