With many members in the Bournemouth area, we have established this web hub / microsite (accessible using www.BarrettsBournemouth.org.uk) to keep you informed of what is going on in the area.

Visit our EVENTS page for details of Drop-Ins.

A FREE Public lecture evening about Persistent Heartburn and Barrett's Oesophagus is to be held at Royal Bournemouth Hospital on Wednesday 4th October between 5:30pm and 8:00pm

(This is the same day as the Ferndown drop-in. Visitors to that will have ample time to get to the hospital if they wish to attend both events.)

Public meeting programme

17.30 Welcome and Introductions

17.40 What is Heartburn and Barrett’s Oesophagus? - Charlie Clisby, Nurse Endoscopist.

18.00 Management and Treatment of Heartburn and Barrett’s Oesophagus - Dr Charles Gordon, Consultant Gastroenterologist

18.20 Refreshments

18.50 Long term Use of PPIs - Hospital Pharmacist

19.10 Barrett’s Wessex Charity - Chris Robinson, Chairman

19.30 Questions for the Panel

 The Capricorn Country band Charity Dance and Concert at the Bournemouth Pavillion Ballroom on 25th June 2016 in aid of Barrett's Wessex raised over £6500 - enabling us to proceed with the purchase of the finebore endoscope.

A massive Thank You to the band, particularly John Scott, and everyone who contributed to this fantastic achievement.
Pictured above: John Scott (centre) with surgeon Jim Byrne (left).
David Olsen (right) receives the cheque on behalf of Barrett's Wessex.