With the imminent loss of two committee members, including our secretary, and with our chairman stepping down next year, we have a number of jobs to be filled. If you are able to help by spending a small amount of time covering one or more of the following, or wish to discuss what's involved further, please contact us.

Barrett's Wessex Job Vacancies

Membership Secretary

To maintain the membership spreadsheet and provide email lists, member lists and address lists as required by other committee members eg for mailouts.

Minimal time expenditure required. A couple of minutes to add details each time we get a new member. Busiest periods are before and after AGMs and when newsletters are to be despatched (quarterly).

The membership secretary needs to be able to maintain confidentiality and keep records in accordance with data protection.

Minute Secretary

To record minutes of committee meetings. 2 hours every couple of months plus half an hour after each to write up and provide copies to committee members.

Forum administrator

To log onto the on-line forum as administrator using password you’ll be given, to check for new membership applications and delete those that are obviously false and email likely new members for confirmation using a format that will be provided. Time required: usually a total of about 10 minutes a week but occasionally we get targetted by spammers and it can take half an hour.

Newsletter Editor

To compile a newsletter every 3 months, receiving files from other charities and groups as appropriate. The format may be changed as the new editor sees fit. Depending on the quantity and quality of submissions, this can take anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days every three months.

Newsletter publisher

Emailing copies and printing, collating and stapling newsletters for post and drop-in sessions etc. Also making available a pdf copy for upload to the website.

Currently, we print about 120 copies of the newsletter quarterly; the current format, usually has 10 sides requiring 1½ reams of paper and using a full set of colour toner cartridges for the colour laser printer currently used. A colour laser printer will be given to whoever takes on this role (plus toner and paper as required)

Time required – one or two days every 3 months.

Librarian / printer

To keep available at least one copy of the various leaflets and publications and print extra copies as required. A (second) colour laser printer (plus all supplies as required) will be given to whoever takes on this role.

The world’s smallest colour laser printer, HP Colour LaserJet Pro CP1025

 (N.B. The printers are two of those currently used for printing newsletters and leaflets.)

Web master

To update the website as required and post occasionally on facebook and twitter pages.

Minimal computer skills are required. Anyone who can use a wordprocessor could do it.

Time required depends on the new incumbent’s inclination.

Some of the present features which could possibly be dropped include

1. The News/research page carrying links to latest research. This is presently updated a couple of times a week taking about 10 minutes each time.

2. The News/Press page carrying links to pertinent news stories and press reports taking about 5 minutes about once a month on average.

Other than that, news of drop-ins, meetings etc may need updating monthly taking 5 – 10 minutes at a time.

Liaison officer

To attend meetings of Action Against Heartburn, Rarer Cancers Taskforce or any other pertinent group to represent BW as required. This usually requires 2 or 3 meetings in London each year.

Also to request reports annually from our hubs and allied groups and respond to support requests from them.


Anyone with ideas and expertise about how to raise sufficient funds to maintain our services and towards any specific projects.

Publicity officer

To write press releases and advertisements as required.

Drop-in host

To be available for monthly or bi-monthly drop-ins depending upon venue. To sit at the specified venue to chat with anyone attending. They need no specific expertise. Drop-in chat is designed to just be able to share with others in a similar situation and make available copies of BW leaflets and publications. Any questions may be referred back to others who will be able to provide an answer later.