Our evolving family tree.

Barrett's Forum, BarrettsForum.org.uk

Barrett's Wales, BarrettsWales.org.uk (established 2017)

Barrett's West, BarrettsWest.org.uk (for Devon & Cornwall, established 2018)

Barrett's Manchester, BarrettsManchester.org.uk (for Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and West Yorkshire, coming soon)

Barrett's Essex, BarrettsEssex.org.uk (established 2015)

Barrett's Kent, Barrettskent.org.uk (for SE London & Kent, coming soon)

Barrett's South, BarrettsSouth.org.uk (for E & W Sussex & Surrey, coming soon)

Barrett's Wessex, BarrettsWessex.org.uk (established 2009)

Barrett's Bath, BarrettsBath.org.uk

Barrett's Salisbury, BarrettsSalisbury.org.uk

Barrett's Bournemouth, BarrettsBournemouth.org.uk

Barrett's Reading (coming soon, details here)

Barrett's Dorchester (coming soon, details here)

Watch this space

A new directory site, Barrett's UK (www.Barretts.org.uk) has been established to provide links to all the Barrett's patient support groups and to information links about Barrett's Oesophagus.