In 2018, Medtronic filmed an interview with our founder and president, Chris Robinson talkingabout the formation, development and work of Barrett's Wessex.

You may view that video by clicking on the picture.

The video below was produced by students of Southampton Solent University in 2015

Inaugurated in July 2009, we aspire to

    • raise public awareness of Barrett's in the region and beyond
    • provide support to sufferers and their families
    • raise funds to enable the Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign to achieve its stated objectives to support research to better understand Barrett’s Oesophagus, provide support and advice to Barrett’s Oesophagus sufferers, their relatives and friends and to raise awareness of the condition to encourage early detection
    • raise funds for local initiatives
    • to support the establishment and running of other patient support groups

    Achievements to date: In May 2011, we presented Southampton General Hospital with a "HALO" radio frequency generator that can prevent Barrett's developing into oesophageal cancer.

    In June 2016, with the help of Southampton Hospital League of Friends, we completed the purchase of a fine bore endoscope which can help detect pre-cancerous changes earlier.

    In February 2019, we presented Lymington New Forest Hospital with a "scope assist" which helps endoscopist nurses provide more comfortable surveillance.

    Barrett's Wessex is also an active member of Action Against Heartburn which has liaised with Department of Health to promote the Be Clear on Cancer oesophago-gastric campaign, produce a GP training package and promotional material.

    Within Wessex, we have formed, or are forming, branches based in

    We have helped establish groups in
    London (managed by HCUK charity)
    with other groups planned for

    New branches with Wessex have their own microsite within this main website.
    We encourage branches to form their own Local Organising Groups to organise their own events.
    Email for more details of your local sub-group.

    New groups beyond the boundaries of Wessex, may choose to affiliate with Barrett's Wessex or any other charity
    We use the 7 counties definition of Wessex, defined by the Wessex Society, as Hampshire & IOW, Dorset, Avon & Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

    Although we principally serve those in the Wessex area, we welcome members from outside our area and welcome links with other support groups.
    If you have no support group in your area, we are happy to try and help you form one.

    MEMBERSHIP of Barretts Wessex is free and open to anyone with Barrett's and related conditions, their families, friends and supporters, who support the aims of the group and its parent charity, Click here to find out about the benefits of membership and how to join.

    COMMITTEE: Our group is run by an elected committee of members. Click here to find out about the committee members and the role of the committee.

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