Useful links

For links to the various relevant UK charities:

Action Against Heartburn is the consortium of all UK charities promoting earlier diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.

Point To Your Oesophagus (PTYO) has links to all the other charities for diseases of the oesophagus.

For newly diagnosed patients and help understanding the condition, see these pages / sites:, who initiated this site, has a comprehensive site worth exploring.

Simply Put describes how Barrett's Oesophagus develops in simple terms.

The Journey on the Barrett's Wessex website is from a talk by a consultant gastroenterologist in 2012 describing the Journey from diagnosis to treatment.

Down With Acid is the website of the free encyclopaedia of everything to do with acid, reflux, complications and management, in layman's language.

Other helpful websites specifically for Barrett's patients:

Barrett's Oesophagus UK (BOUK) is the oldest charity specifically dedicated to Barrett's Oesophagus.

Lists of general links may be found on some of the charities' webpages here: