Patient support groups

Links to groups for those concerned specifically about acid reflux issues, in particular Barrett's Oesophagus.

Most groups offer drop-in events whereby anyone concerned by their symptoms may meet and discuss them with others.

Barrett's forum (on-line)
(coming soon)

Barrett's South (coming soon)

HCUK London

Although not specifically for Barrett's' patients, HCUK East Anglia and North Hants groups provide for anyone with oesophageal cancer as well as for Barrett's Oesophagus.

If there isn't a support group near you and you would like to help start one, Barrett's Wessex or Heartburn Cancer UK will be happy to help.

Barrett's Wessex has a full guide on how to start a local support group on its website here.

(Other charities concerned with Oesophageal cancer are listed on Barrett's Wessex website here.)