Barrett's Day

Can we establish a World Barrett's Day?
How about 16th May, the birthday of Norman Barrett who gave his name to the condition?
(World Parkinson's Day is held on James Parkinson's birthday.)

We already have a world cancer day and USA and UK have oesophageal cancer awareness months, but we need to raise awareness of Barrett's
because prevention is better than cure!

We invite all other Barrett's and oesophageal cancer charities around the world to join us in this.

In the UK, the invitation will be sent to all the charity members of Action Against Heartburn, especially
Barrett's Wessex and its affiliated groups
Asenbar in Spain and Mexico

and, from USA:

Please let us know if there are other organisations worldwide missing from this list, whom we may invite.

N.B. The focus is to be on Barrett's Oesophagus rather than oesophageal cancer:
"We will die with Barrett's, not because of Barrett's!"*

* N.B. This is an aspiration, although unlikely, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee those diagnosed with Barrett's and following normal medication and surveillance regimen will not develop oesophageal adenocarcinoma.

This is being jointly promoted by the Spanish charity, Asenbar, the UK patient support charity, Barrett's Wessex and Barrett's Oesophagus UK, the oldest of the Barrett's charities that maintains the UK Barrett's Oesophagus Registry.

Barrett's Wessex: Our principal aim is to reduce the number of deaths to oesophageal cancer through raising awareness of its potentially pre-cancerous lesion, Barrett's Oesophagus.