In UK, February is Oesophagus Awareness month, alternatively entitled "oesophebruary" (using the hashtag #oesophebruary for any posts on social media).
(The charities focussing on cancers may call it Oesophageal Cancer awareness month.)

Getting ready for oesophebruary 2020, this calendar will show any Barrett's awareness events planned for that month. Use the blue forward arrow to scroll to February 2020.
If you wish to add any events, please send details to news@BarrettsWessex.org.uk

The history of oesophebruay oesophageal cancer awareness month

Some acid reflux charities had been suggesting we needed a focus on oesophageal diseases since other cancers all seemed to have their dedicated month.
The Michael Blake Foundation (fighting oesophageal cancer) had been suggesting February as the month for focussing on Oesophageal cancer.

With the announcement there would be a Be Clear On Cancer campaign in February 2015, Barrett's Wessex
decided to try and officially recognise February as Oesophagus Awareness month so the good work of the campaign could continue in future years.

Originally termed "Oesophageal Cancer Awareness month", it was considered by Barrett's Wessex and Action Against Heartburn that identification of Barrett's Oesophagus may be more important than identification of Oesophageal Cancer when it may be too late.

The Point To Your Oesophagus (PTYO) website was originally created specifically as a precursor to the February 2015 campaign but with the adoption of Oesophagus Awareness month, the site has been retained as a resource for future years but, having lost data it hasn't yet been rebuilt to its former glory.

Red and Yellow were the colours chosen by Barrett's Wessex members when they introduced their new logo following a competition and ballot in 2012. They were also the colours chosen by Heartburn Cancer UK following consultation with a publicity agency in 2014. The colours were also selected by Action Against Heartburn in a branding exercise in 2015.