Local Groups

For information about local support groups, please email enquiries@barrettswessex.org.uk or visit www.barrettswessex.org.uk:

Patient Support Services

BOUK provides patient support in a number of ways:

    • Encourage subscription free local support groups who are invited to become affiliated to our companion Barrett's support charity Barrett's Wessex but retain their independence offering websites and the patients forum providing support to such groups
    • Encourage and promote joint fundraising initiatives which can assist local support groups
    • Provide a Medical Advisory Board to provide independent medical advice to BOUK and support groups as required.


Barrett's Wessex is an independent patient support charity allied to BOUK and chaired by Chris Robinson, a previous trustee of BOUK, with 400 members, mainly from the Wessex region but establishing a network of affiliated support groups which may be accessed through the Barrett's UK support hub / directory site, www.Barretts.org.uk.

The latest newsletter from Barrett's Wessex is available from the News page of their website: www.barrettswessex.org.uk.

Barrett's Wessex is developing a growing family of support groups:

Barrett's West Serving the West Country

Barrett's Essex Covering the county of Essex

Barrett's Manchester Covering Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancs & W Yorks

Barrett's Wales For anyone in South Wales

Barrett's Kent Covering Kent and SE London

Barrett's Wessex Covering the 7 counties of modern Wessex

Barrett's Dorchester Local branch of Barrett's Wessex

 Local branch of Barrett's Wessex

 Local branch of Barrett's Wessex

 Local branch of Barrett's Wessex

 Local branch of Barrett's Wessex

The on-line patient support forum (Barrett's Forum) has around 2000 members currently, nearly 400 of whom have been active in the last 6 months. Thanks to the diligence of our web manager, we have been successful in eliminating the spam postings that have caused problems on other forum sites.

Most members live in UK but we also attract a significant number from overseas. Most new members find the forum following an internet search after being diagnosed with something they have never heard of. Most commonly they are worried about the chances of contracting cancer or seek dietary advice. Increasingly they tell us they are in their 30's or 40's. In a recent poll on the forum, 84% of responses were from members younger than 55. The BOUK online forum far outstrips all comparable national and international forums (e.g healthcentral and mdjunction) receiving up to a dozen posts a day.