We know that there are many claims on people’s time and many other charities also hoping to benefit from your fund-raising efforts. However, as a small charity, we rely on the generosity of the public and our supporters to pay for our vital work.

If you can help in any way – by a donation, by taking part in a sponsored event or by remembering the Barrett’s Oesophagus Campaign in your will – your involvement would be very much appreciated and could make a vital difference.

If you wish to be involved in fundraising for us, we can help by providing leaflets, sponsor forms and printed t-shirts as applicable and help with setting up a Just Giving page if required.

You may be aware that we may reclaim 25% extra from the government on funds donated by UK tax payers under the Gift Aid scheme at no extra expense to the donor if they complete a simple declaration.

Click here to find a way you may help us raise funds in 2017   Click here to support those currently raising funds for Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign

We are grateful to those listed below who have undertaken sponsored events to further the work of the charity.
We are also aware of others raising funds for us who have not previously notified us. We thank you for your help.

Scroll down for our role of honour
saluting those who have raised funds for
Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign over the last 2 years.

Please contact if you wish to

fundraise for Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign or Barrett's Wessex.

Saluting those who have raised funds for us


October. A Gala Dinner in memory of inspirational teacher, Robbie Schofield tragically killed in a road accident a couple of years ago raised thousands of pounds for charity..

Thanks to his brother Jack for arranging this in aid of BRAKE and BOC charities.

Samantha Rose walked the Test Way in October for BOC.

Samantha Bosher and Kerry Doney participated in the great North Run raising funds for BOC in September.

Stephen Fox walked 1100 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise awareness of Barrett's Oesophagus and raise funds for the patient support charity, Barrett's Wessex. His endeavour is celebrated on this website:

Robert Sadlier ran 177 Km Ultra Marin Raid Golfe du Mrbihan over 2 days for BOC in memory of Robbie Schofield. 

Alison Hainsworth (pictured right) ran the London Marathon in just over 4 hours, raising just over £2000 for BOC funds. "Had a great day. The atmosphere and support was incredible."

Li Von Schack ran her 4th marathon for BOC, her second London Marathon for us, also in just over 4 hours and has raised a total of just over £10,000 from these 4 runs for BOC. Splendid.

Well done to both runners for their magnificent achievement.

 Chris Robinson cycled 500km through Burma in 43C  heat in March raising nearly £1500 for Barrett's  Wessex.

In April Barbara Dee celebrated her 70th birthday by asking her friends
to donate to BOC instead of giving presents and thus collected just
over £1,500 in record time.

Several more events are scheduled in the autumn.

Please share your experiences if you have fundraised for us and let us know if you plan to so we can support you.


Jane Allsop completed the 29 mile Brecon Trek on 6 June (pictured right)."It was so hard and ended up with blisters that seem to be bigger than my feet themselves, and every muscle from my neck down aching, some good monies raised so will let you know how much soon."

Jane Allsop and colleagues bag packed to raise funds on three separate occasions.

Barrett's Wessex benefitted from a charity concert by the OperaBabes in February.

Tony Austin abseilled down Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower in May raising over £266 for Barrett's Wessex.

Boxer Merv Langdale has made a comeback after a broken neck (not boxing related) and consequential stroke. He was to box in the Queensbury Boxing League starting with the "Rise of the Warriors" event in February but unfortunately, injury forced him to withdraw.

This tournament was rescheduled for May 9th at Epsom racecourse and Merv won!

Southampton Football club favoured Barrett's Wessex at their match against West Ham in February.

Alison Chisnell ran the London Marathon in April 2015 raising £1690 for Action Against Heartburn through BOC.

In May, Nina Williams particiated in the race for life, raising over £250 for BOC in memory of her step father who died of oesophageal cancer last year.

Jenny Shaw, Jason and Allison Eldridge, Niall Woodcock, Stephen Carrington and Rodden Shaw participated in the 10K London run in July raising nearly £1750 for BOC between them.

BOC has 6 places available for 2016.

In September, Kimberley and Jessica Newark cycled from London to Brighton for BOC in memory of their father who died from oesophageal cancer raising nearly £900.

In June, Robert Sadleir particitpated in thRaid Golfe du Morbihan: Ultra Marin raising £870 for BOC in memory of inspirational teacher, Robert Schofield.

In September, Robert's brother Jack Schofield cycled from London to Paris for BOC raising nearly £2,800.
In November, Jack organised the "Robbie Schofield Charity Dinner" raising funds for BOC and Brake road safety charity raising nearly £2500 for each charity.

In November, Dr Li Von Schack ran her third marathon for BOC, in New York. She will be running the London Marathon for BOC in April. She may be sponsored here.

In October, Barrett's Wessex had 4 runners in the Great South Run. Lou Munro, Paul Boyce, Dave Olsen and Elliott Olsen raised nearly £2,500 for Barrett's Wessex between them.


The following activities were undertaken.  (All figures shown are approximate.)

Carmen Stringfellow and work colleagues undertook fundraising events at work during February raising £1175! Thank You!

In May, Stuart Taylor and other members of Imperial College School of Medicine's Light Opera Society produced and performed "Les Miserables" in 24 hours in aid of Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign raising £500.

In June Nathan Moorey ran the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway raising £285. Nathan ran the London Marathon for BOC in 2011.

Kelly Allen and Mark Rafferty organised a biathlon (right) for BOC raising £1700. 

In July Gary Trickett participated in the British 10K London Run for BOC raising £1500.  

In August these three girls swam a mile in memory of their teacher, who sadly died at a young age, raising over £100.

Well done Chloe, Becky and Beth.

In September, Margaret Robinson ran the Great North Run raising £350

David Parkinson is also ran the Great North Run in September raising £800

Peter Fergusson (left) competed in a 12 hour nighttime mountain bike challenge, the “Bedgebury Insomnia” in July raising £100.

David Luckett (pictured right) climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in September raising over £3300.

Sue Whall (pictured here with her supportive husband) ran the Reigate Half Marathon on Sunday 21st September raising a staggering £10,000.

Anita Cradock ran
 The Great South Run in October raising over £300

18 runners ran The Great South Run in October raising funds for Barrett's Wessex (friends of BOC) fine bore endoscope appeal.

Chris Robinson cycled from Machu Picchu to The Amazon raising £2,000 for Barrett's Wessex. 

Dr Li Von Schack, who ran the London Marathon in 2012, ran the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes from Nice to Cannes in November raising over £2,000.

TV actress Fiona Wade raised nearly £2,000 in conjunction on ITV's Family Fortunes.

Instead of spending money on Christmas cards for her work colleagues, Denise Ensor donated the money she'd have spent and persuaded her colleagues to do likewise.

We are also grateful to the following who raised funds for BOC. If they contact us we'll provide a certificate.

Carole Geraghty, in memory of co-worker, Julie Robertson, raised over £2,350

Brenda Johnson raised over £1,025

Michael Willett also ran the Great North Run raising £650

Joanne Reah, in memory of her father, Ian Goldsmith, raised £340

Lucy Butler, in memory of her father, Alan Spry, did an open water swim raising over £300

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