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The Weekly Discussion:  Another warm week though interrupted by a one day 4" snow, and then brutal winds Saturday.  Still a warm week on the high temperature side (about average on the low).  This winter now becomes the 3rd lowest snowfall total on record.  The winter of 1980-81 finished with 647 cm of snow (255") while this winter just passed that at 652 cm.

Gothic weather for the week ending Saturday May 26, starting with Sunday, May 20: clear and a bit cooler early but warming 60ºF. Monday: clear and warming fast into the mid 60'sºF on what was the warmest day so far this year. Tuesday: clear and very warm but with clouds building mid afternoon, then clearing back out late afternoon allowing it to match yesterday's, and the year's, highest temperature. Wednesday: variable cloud cover during the night but amazingly warm with the low in the mid 40'sºF.  Mostly cloudy and breezy through the morning which prevented substantial heating, then cloudy in the afternoon with rain starting late day. Thursday: light rain into the night turning to snow near midnight, then snowing light to moderate off and on into sunrise, then stopping soon after.  Gradual clearing starting mid morning but little warming despite that until warming mid afternoon. Friday: clear and mild overnight but rapidly turning cloudy just after sunrise.  Cloudy through most of the morning becoming mostly cloudy and warm mid day, then clearing until late afternoon clouds return. Saturday: clear and mild with the temperature shooting up just after sunrise.  Hazy sky with all the smoke in the air, probably something that will happen a lot this summer.  An increase in clouds as wind becomes damagingly strong, taking down trees and staying steady.

Snowfall data for Gothic, as of sunset May 26, 2012:
  • Most snowfall to date= 1557 cm (613'') in 1995
  • Least snowfall to date= 473 cm (186'') in 1977
  • Average snowfall to date= 1086 cm (427½'')
  • Snowfall as of May 26, 2012= 652 cm (256½'') 40% below average
  • Snowfall this winter, one week ago= 642 cm (253''), 40% below average
  • Snowfall this winter ranks 36th out of the last 38 years (last weeks ranking was 36th)
  • Snowfall this date one year ago= 1488 cm (586")

                                 Snowpack data for Gothic as of sunset May 26, 2012:

  • Deepest snowpack this date= 137 cm (54") in 1995
  • Least snowpack this date= 0 cm (0"), in most years
  • Average snowpack, May 26= 21 cm (8½'')
  • Snowpack, May 26, 2012= 0 cm (0"), 100% below average
  • Snowpack one week ago was at 0 cm (0''), 100% below average
  • Snowpack for this winter ranks tied for last in the past 38 years (last week's rank was 38th)
  • Snowpack, this date one year ago= 97 cm (38'')

                                         Temperature data:

  • Average high, May 26= 14°C (57°F), 2°F above last weeks average
  • Average low May 26= -1°C (30°F), 1°F above last weeks average
  • Average high for the 7 days ending May 26, 2012= 17ºC (63°F), 4°F above last weeks average.
  • Average low for the 7 days ending May 26, 2012= -1½°C (29°F), 1°F above last weeks average.