Animal Notes

May 12: More new animal arrivals, as well as the few plants i monitor.  Recent birds include White Crowned Sparrows on May 09 and Broad Tailed Hummingbirds May 12. Early arrivals were the Robins on March 17,  the Juncos on March 23 and Mountain Blue birds on March 24, the Juncos coming out here about a month sooner than usual.  This was followed by the first Gothic siting of the first Red Shafted Flicker on March 31, Fox Sparrows and non-local Stellar Jays on April 08 and Red Winged Blackbirds April 12. Then Red Napped Sapsuckers April 20 and Ruby Crowned Kinglets April 22. 

The mammals got into the act with Ground Squirrels and Chipmunks both on April 05, then the Marmots in town April 16. First Bumblebee April 21. 

As for plants (at the same site as used) the Bluebells were out May 01, Glacial Lilies (which are small in numbers as well as small and wilted) May 05 and Spring Beauties April 24.

I saw fresh bear tracks April 08 and the fox is around off and on.  The crows have returned and are chasing the ravens away from nesting around the townsite.  --The porcupines seem to be making mating signs as they chew on things that make a loud noise, something i believe they use to attract each other (and believe me, they can party all night).