Barracuda Blues Band Homepage

Blues with a Bite!

In early 2007, five guys who knew each other vaguely met in a basement in HSR Layout to play some music. When they emerged 3 hours later, the Barracuda Blues Band had come into being.

Driven by an enduring passion for the blues and the need to offer something different to the Bangalore audience,  the current lineup consists of Vasudev Prabhu on blues harp & vocals, Vinod 'VD' D'sa on bass & vocals, Arjun Chandran on guitar & vocals, Nishant John on drums and Raveen Panday on keyboards & vocals. With classic and contemporary blues being the main focus, the band also dabbles in blues rock, soul, funk and classic rock, with a little bit of jazz thrown in for good measure.

Barracuda Blues Band, or 'The Barracudas' as we sometimes like to call ourselves, debuted on May 22nd 2007 at Legends of Rock pub in Koramangala and the response was overwhelming. The tables were filled before the show started and even standing room was hard to come by. Dev knocked over quite a few beers (none of which belonged to him thankfully).

Since then the band has performed at several venues around the city including Opus, Maya, Le Rock and  Jayamahal Palace Hotel as part of the Indigo & Blues Jazz Festival.