Come join us, The Shire of Wintermist, on May 4 - 6 of 2012 for our third annual Friendship Event to be held at the super-convenient park right next to Andreotti’s Corner. There will be something for everyone! Come experience such events as the ZOMBIE MELEE! No longer will you be limited to only fighting humans…. (boring!) Try throwing a couple double taps, and kill yourself some zombies!

Don't worry everyone the Hot Dog Fundraiser will be in full swing this year.  After you go burn calories on the war field we'll be there to feed you.

In addition we will be having a variety of other events and games, such as a torchlight tournament and maybe a cooking competition hosted by some of our neighboring Baronies (to be determined – negotiations are currently in the works).

So come and join us, kill some zombies, feast, play some games, and toss an axe or two. Site fee for camping is $15 for members and $20 for non-members, children under 12 are guests of the shire. Make checks payable to "SCA Shire of Wintermist"

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Wintermist Friendship Feast.

News: There is a slight chance that the store at Andreotti may be rented out and open during the event - but be prepared in case it is not.

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