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LOS ANGELES, CA —JULY 20, 2007— Baron Brady offers a modern twist on the Faust legend with the publication of Palpable Obscure in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

In this dark and metaphysical tale of uncurbed ambition, an embittered creative writing teacher by the name of Olwen Sheridan meets a charismatic young student who appears to have everything: looks, money and the confidence that comes with having both. His own life series of disappointments, Olwen believes himself accursed; but the young man, who calls himself Silvanus, assures him he isn’t, intimating that Olwen could have everything he ever wanted, including a dazzling writing career. 

Palpable Obscure is a tour of a man’s life, in all its passion and shame, and a story of how meaning seems to elude us the more we come to expect it. But if, as Olwen discovers, perspective is everything, is there much point in looking for truth?

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A practicing attorney, Baron Brady has written five novels and twenty-six screenplays over the last ten years. He graduated from Pomona College and has a J.D from Pepperdine University.  This is his third novel.  His other novels have also been published on Lulu.



Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers.   Please see for more information.


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