Osireion's Library

Osireion's Library (book)

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    Aldo Weiss, a disaffected contract attorney with literary aspirations, accepts a mind-numbing job as a document reviewer only to suspect that not only might he be reliving a memory which should have been forgotten, but that it he isn’t even the lawyer he held himself out to be but, rather, a writer by the name of Adam. Aldo’s inability to remember anything that occurred before entering the premises of Stepton, Stock and Wahldup reinforces the fear that nothing is as it should be, and that having pursued the future under false pretenses may have earned him not only the wrong identity but the wrong future as well.

    However, his possible future as a writer is in jeopardy unless he can make something of his literary aspirations by finally committing words to paper. As his writing takes shape, however, his future is no less secure while a two week assignment shapes up to be an indefinite succession of unremarkable days working for a bully of a man impressed with work product Aldo doesn’t even remember completing and whom Aldo, like everyone else, has begun to resemble.

Stumbling upon clues leading to the location of a door behind a bookcase, Aldo finds the first of eight books by Adam Cadmus, the name of the protagonist in his first story. Clues continue to direct his attention to the door, behind which is a staircase. His false life as a reluctant attorney diverts him from his purpose, but not long enough to keep him from finding the other books he believes he will one day write under the name Adam Cadmus. It’s when his future can go either way that he finishes his story and remembers he has yet to decide whether to take the stairs behind the door.