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EXTANT (2012)

Print: $17.00

Download: $10.00

Three sci-fi stories about individuals at the mercy of forces beyond their understanding.


AETERNA (2011)

Print: $17.00

Download: $10.00

A mother in search of a missing daughter never gives up although it’s an investigation of other missing children that brings her face to face with the mysterious entity who introduces her to a transdimensional refuge where many missing children have found safety, including her daughter. They were spirited away over the years to protect them from worse fates – innocence preserved but at the cost of taking them from the world. Her daughter wants to stay in this refuge from time and space. This, however, was not the case for a boy who went missing 30 years before but who returned home and spoiled his innocence by fathering a child: the very girl who went missing. It’s only when the girl also returns home 30 years later, in search of her father, that he attempts to return to the refuge, placing it’s very safety at risk.


The Last Horse

Simulacra (2010)

Print: $17.68

Download: $10.00

Set in the near future, SIMULACRA reveals a world in which mega corporations and the government unify forces to better influence public opinion. But the Simulacra, a small group of anarchists attempting to disrupt the national election, tries to undermine the relationship between media and viewing public by utilizing integrated digital technology to doctor broadcast images. When the President’s corporate supporters hire an information retriever to ferret out the whereabouts of the group, the truth becomes a murky and easily manipulated commodity. The investigator becomes a pawn in a battle Simulacra was never meant to win, but this unlikely hero surprises himself by learning that nothing is what it seems, not even himself.

 The Last Horse (2009)

Print: $11.00

Download: $5.99

A priest of a repressive apocalyptic religion which places a premium on purity and silence embarks on a mission to turn the unconverted only to discover that the mission is not one of peace but of mass murder. The recurring voice of what might be a divine entity asking the priest to seek him out, along with the warnings of a peculiar old man who remembers the time before the world died, impels the priest to breaks his vows of obedience and silence and head off in search of the divine presence and for an explanation for the haunting memories of a violent childhood, a father he didn’t think he knew, a preacher who took his innocence and of the last of the horses that died off soon after the apocalypse. The priest’s journey takes him to the founder of the Order of the Illumination who has since renounced his own creation and come into possession of a horse, the last of its kind.


Osireion's Library

Osireion's Library (2009)

Print: $18.62

Download: $10.00

A disaffected contract attorney, who would much rather be writing, accepts a mind-numbing job as a document review attorney only to suspect that it's a memory of a mistake which could never be undone. It's only when he stumbles upon a secret library, along with a series of books written by the protagonist of a story he's been meaning to write about for years, that he embarks on a quest for a better future by rewriting his past.


Palpable Obscure

D (2008)

Print: $14.63

Download: $7.50

When an enigmatic stranger asks private investigator and self-proclaimed realist Birk Dillinger for help protecting a woman’s life, the woman’s disappearance impels Dillinger on what at first seems like a straight-forward murder case of a prostitute called Maria but devolves into a search for a woman who might not have been a prostitute at all. Facts are scant and not only does the identity of the victim remain a mystery, so does what happened to her since there is neither a corpse nor anyone willing to confirm the victim’s whereabouts. Despite Birk’s efforts, a man who calls himself D faults Birk for doing nothing to save Maria, while also leaving him packages containing body parts. Suspecting that the man who hired him was also the murderer, Birk struggles in vain to prove it, but facts are fleeting; and the more Birk involves himself in the case the more the answers elude him. Confusion snowballs until it feels like no one is what they claim to be and everyone is lying.

Palpable Obscure (2005)

Print: $17.81

Download: $8.75

In a twist on the Faust legend, an embittered creative writing teacher by the name of Olwen Sheridan meets a charismatic young student who appears to have everything: looks, money and the confidence that comes with having both. His own life series of disappointments, Olwen believes himself accursed; but the young man, who calls himself Silvanus, assures him he isn’t, intimating that Olwen could have anything he wanted if he so chose, including a dazzling writing career. Palpable Obscure is a tour of a man’s life, in all its passion and shame, and a story of how meaning seems to elude us the more we come to expect it. But if, as Olwen discovers, perspective is everything, is there much point in looking for truth?



Malachi (2007)

Print: $16.92

Download: $8.75

In the Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles, Malachi has become the stuff of legend, his influence, for good or ill, felt by not only the men and women who sleep on the streets but by the lawyers, police officers and shopkeepers who spend their days there. No one knows who Malachi is, though some people think he may be responsible for the murder of an unidentified man. But who is Malachi and what is it about him that could have left such an indelible impression on eight people who attempt to answer these questions; and, in so doing, tell the story of a city, a city imploding under the weight of its neuroses, the neuroses of people with too many questions and not enough answers. It's a nightmare world where all enemies are invisible and all friends suspect; a world where death lurks around the corner and comes only when it's least expected. But is it death that Malachi has in store for these people? Or do their fates depend on each other?


Umbra (2006)

Print: $16.01

Download: $8.75

Into every family a little insanity must fall, or so it would seem for the members of the Friend family; though it’s the fear of insanity that divides them and only the most deadly of confrontations that might bring them together again. UMBRA details the strained relationship between two brothers, Sam and Jacob Friend, and the havoc which ensues from their failure to come to terms. Told from the standpoint of five characters, UMBRA, examines not only failed family relationships but the nature of sanity itself. And just as unresolved feelings spill over from one generation to the next, perhaps insanity becomes the unwelcome and unavoidable inheritance of the past. With the second generation of the Friend family poised to repeat the same tragedies of the former generation, is there any hope that the future will one day free itself from the past?


Veil of Maya

Veil of Maya (2004)

Print: $17.59

Download: $8.75

VEIL OF MAYA examines a week in the lives of five characters living in a nondescript urban metropolis. But while all cities may be fundamentally alike, the same can’t be said of the people. And the characters in Veil of Maya couldn’t be more different from one another. And they tell the story the only way they know how: from their own perspective. Two of the characters are homeless men: one, our crippled narrator, embittered beyond words and anxious to draw blood; and the other, surprisingly well-fed and the very picture of Buddha-like equanimity. When the narrator takes an unsavory interest in an idealistic young man with literary aspirations, the other one vows to oppose him. What follows becomes a battle over one young man’s soul.



The Inoffensive

The Inoffensive (1998)

Print: $15.46

Download: $10.00

THE INOFFENSIVE tells the fantastical story of a man who could have whatever he wanted, but who, instead, winds up with nothing. The novel takes the form of a dialogue between narrator and reader, in which the narrator addresses the reader by adopting the guise of a changeling: a being who is nothing more than what people imagine him to be. The narrator renders an account of a life lived in disguise as a human being. And he describes how he borrowed the identities of the people around him, clothing himself in stolen skins and moods. He misled everyone into believing him human and he has lived in fear of being found out, and of being recognized as a counterfeit human being. 



Perspective (1999)

Print: $13.57

Download: $7.50

Perspectives contains four stories, including "Under the Platform" about an accountant suffering a breakdown when reality as he knows it becomes curiously unfamiliar, and "The Executor," about an inmate of a mental institution who recounts his deadly mania for imposing order on the world.