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The Barona Business Administration is the Parent and owning company of the following:
EBI Science and Research, and Barona Studios.

BBA, EBISR and Barona Studios are not Publicly Traded or Franchised.

All Logos, Slogans, Images, Documents, Videos, Animations, or Audio Recordings are copyrighted by their respective owners and are not centralized.

Ie: Owned by company: 
Barona Studios Logo Copyright 2018 Barona Studios, EBISR Logo Copyright 2018 EBI Science and Research, BBA logo Copyright 2018 Barona Business Administrations

Ie: Not owned by Company: 
Samsung Logo Copyright Samsung Electronics Co. , Google Logo copyright Google inc. , Amazon Logo Copyright Amazon.com

Ie: Copyrighted by Artist:
(Name or title of work) Copyright (Year) (Owner or Artist Name) and Copyright ( Company Subsidiary : EBISR, BBA, Barona Studios)

As such:
EBI Science and Research Logo used under Permission.
Barona Studios logo used under Permission.
Any other Company logo used under Permission.
Any Artist's Work represented by BBA, EBISR or Barona Studios used under Permission.
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