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Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia


Wow, another gem....Heading back from Martinique Beach, I couldn't help myself and I had to stop and take some shots of yet another amazing masterpiece of backyard engineering.  It comes complete with pop bottle fuel line return system (or whatever that is)!  It looks like the hoe rotates on a pedastel or something (see bottom right picture), it looks like it's chain driven at any rate, if it's not completely seized up...

I would LOVE to see this thing in action!  Go Mad Max Homemade Backhoe!

New Russell, Nova Scotia

 I spotted this home made forwarder a while ago...I finally got bold enough to stop and ask if I could photograph it.  It started life out as a 5 ton International apparently..All the comforts, a sheet metal roof, vinyl seats and a sweet welded chain foot step.  Oh, and it's got a proper bunk and line skidder spool rig on the back....

I'll let the creator explain a bit more about it here


Queensland, Nova Scotia

What is this thing? A dune buggy crossed with a truck tractor...with a snow plow?

Obviously, the best thing about this 'gittny' is the STEERING WHEEL!!!!

Dude, pimp my truck tractor!  Big thanks to Trevor for taking these pictures..

To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, "if you mow your lawn, and you find a truck might be a redneck..."  No argument here, Jeff.......


New Cumberland, Nova Scotia 

Ah, I wonder if this old gem still runs?  Neat contraption anyway...I always marvel at the resourcefulness of the locals to cobble together some 'franken-mobile' from parts from who knows where, and turn it all into something that actually works!


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