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 NEW VIDEO: Home made forwarder



Brake burn vids

Stonehurst North Brake Burns 

Lower Branch brake burns                       

 Ridiculous Midville Branch brake burns  

Various videos:

A neat old barn and house on Farmington road:

THE cavalier guy...the video shows it all 

Ah, nothing says class like a brake burn coming out of your driveway!

A little out of season, but you gotta love these Christmas lights

Here's a ~2 minute montage I put together of a trip from New Germany to Windsor.  Most of the photage is from the Famington/Forties area ....

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This is a great list of most of the beaches you can access on the South Shore 



Like a video you see and want to download it so you can enjoy it whenever you want?  Try this site out, the instructions are pretty self explanatory:  Keepvid   


pics-brake burns

pics-truck tractors 

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