Whit Friday 2015


For the first time in a number of years Barnton Silver Band took part in the traditional Whit Friday Marches in Tameside.

In a tradition which dates back to the late 19th century, brass band competitions are held in multiple locations across the Tameside and Saddleworth areas with bands from all over the country and even some international bands organising coach tours of the area, stopping off at the different locations to perform a short march followed by a piece in front of a hidden adjudicator, with the country’s top bands performing against every standard of band, including some youth bands. 


It was an exhilarating experience for BSB, playing at six different venues across Tameside ranging from bandstands to pub gardens, with appreciative audiences everywhere.  The band marched to a cheerful Spanish tune called ‘Dos Cervezas’ and played the traditional march Castell Coch for the adjudicator at each location.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience for Barnton Silver Band and the supporters who came along, and one which will hopefully be repeated in future years.