About Us

We are a friendly 4th Section standard band near Northwich, Cheshire, having good road links - for example Manchester is only 30 minutes away. We are managed by a volunteer committee that is elected at our Annual General Meeting.

We don't take it too seriously, but we do aim to take part in the Blackpool Areas and Whit Friday. We also value our role in the local community.

Our main source of income is from the engagements that we do throughout the year. However, band members also contribute not only with their time and dedication, but by paying weekly subscriptions. This is currently £2 per
week for the Training Band and £1 per week for the Main Band.
The band’s major objectives are to:
  • Attract new players to the Main and Training Band
  • Develop and improve the Main and Training Band by supporting our players
  • Work with our local community to raise its profile by support of local good causes