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October 2008 Youth Hunt

What a great hunt! Imagine 3 sets of father/son teams who had never met each other getting together to share a weekend of hunting on October 25 and 26, 2008.  The people were great, not a slacker in the bunch. The weather was fantastic and the wild game did their part also.
The four youth hunters were Mason (from Lufkin), brothers Tanner and Cody (from Texas City) and Eric from Spicewood (west of Austin on the Pedernales River).  Adults included their Dad (Robert, Patrick and Grandfather Larry), plus ranch host Don Gray.
Three of the four boys had not hunted before, and the fourth had only limited experience. The boys hunted Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday  morning. They took 6 deer home with them (spikes and does). During the hunts they saw 40 deer, over 100 turkey and 21 hogs/pigs.  All deer that had been shot were located. One treat was a visit by the game warden to inspect their kill and to talk about the life of a game warden. They  were also treated to tales from Don, some true, some not, but all were funny or fascinating.  Don's tales included stories of local indian kidnappings, the frozen cat story, the frozen ice joke, the card board mountain lion, and on and on.  They all took quite a bit of ribbing from Don also (e specially Cody). The boys were always ready to help with anything that needed attention and jumped out of bed each morning to hunt.
They were treated to steaks, potatos, green bean casserole, salad, pancakes, bacon, french toast and sausage prepared by Don (plus unending snacks).  They even found time to swim. They marveled at the stars. Most of all, they ALL can't wait to return.