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Dove Hunts

Mason County is blessed with abundant doves most years (both mourning dove and white-wings) . We are also blessed with the dove guide services of Jack Crouch. Jack has at least 15 or more pastures in various parts of the county that he visits daily during the season. These pastures are groomed for dove (growing wheat, sunflower, dove weed, etc.). This allows Jack to place hunters on the pastures that are loaded with birds. He is also truthful about telling us in advance if the birds have flown to coop to greener pastures far away.  
At the Bar None we provide lodging for dove hunters throughout the Central Zone seasons (including the late season). We will handle arrangments with Jack at no extra charge for you. Jack charges $60 per day (subject to his change with advance notice). 
Lodging at the Bar None is a great thing for groups of dove hunters. it provides you with a wonderful place to call "home" during the hunt, a skeet range to enjoy when not hunting (bring your own clays), plus a wonderful smoking pit to cook the birds on. And you're welcome to hunt birds on the ranch as well at no extra cost. Bring your own food and drink.   Food can be provided and cooked for you upon request (reasonable addtional cost). Bird dogs are always welcome (but not inside the Lodge, must be kenneled overnight or sleep outside).
The lodging/skeet range cost is $50 per person per day, subject to a minimum of fee of $350/day. Spouses are welcome at the Bar None at the same rate, even if they don't hunt the birds. And it beats the heck out of a hotel in town. Plus there's the dove hunt fee for Jack's services mentioned above. 
Contact Ranch Manager (Don Gray) for availablilty and scheduling. 512-496-3583, or donaldkgray@gmail.com