Welcome to the home of
Jet Black Stealth Bomber
the Barn Hunting Labrador
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We offer Barn Hunt workshops and classes, as well as hold practice days, in the Oklahoma City metro area. We are also available to teach workshops or private lessons at your facility.
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The 1st Oklahoma BHA Trial was a huge success!!!!
1/17/2014 Jet the Barn Hunting Labrador becomes the first dog in Oklahoma to earn a senior title!
New classes added to our repertoire! Advanced Students join us for a fun-filled, action-packed Rat Games Class! First one will be November 15, don't wait to get in your registration!
The Barn Hunting Labrador was featured on KSBI's Dog Talk in an episode all about Barn Hunt, originally aired Saturday April 5th at 10 am, Channel 52 in OKC. Watch the full episode here!
February 2014 The first sanctioned BHA event is coming to Oklahoma! Twister Agility and Dog Sports is hosting a sanctioned Barn Hunt Association Fun Test. Check out the upcoming events page, email us, or contact Twister Agility and Dog Sports for more information.
2/9/2013 Brandi becomes BHA Judge #85!
11/24/2013 Jet became the first dog from Oklahoma and the second Labrador in the Nation to earn an open title. During his title run, he took first place and High In Trial! Now on to senior!
10/27/2013 Jet earned his RATN title and one RATO leg at our first trial. Jet walked away with two 3rd place finishes, one 2nd place finish, and one 1st place finish in his class and even took High in Trial when he earned his RATO leg! This human is very proud of her boy!
Monthly Barn Hunt Workshops starting in October 2013 to be held at Twister Agility!
Spots are limited, email for details and to reserve your spot. Don't wait!
For questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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