Two year old toys for boys. Transformers new toys 2011. Top 10 toys for christmas 2011

Two Year Old Toys For Boys

two year old toys for boys
    two year
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Day 134 food for the future
Day 134  food for the future
traditional South African meal: umnqgusho = samp and beans. Those kids in Township Langa are on a feeding scheme. What a pleasure to work with them today. Joyce and Gladys, two teachers at the Thembani primary school in Langa have made the first selection of children (with leadership potential). Today I came in to tell the children a bit more about the Umthombo programme.... Asking them if they would be interested in a programme like this and what they see they can create after doing the 3 workshops. 'I will be able to create the future' , 'I will share it with my friends'. So great. My goodness, those children, 10 years old, so interested in making a difference in their community and being a rolemodel to others! ...I can't even remember being 10 anymore, but I guess my worries back then were: i want more toys then I have, teasing my brother and when is it holliday? The children needed a lot of help filling in the Umthombo application form. We are asking them questions like: what difference can this project make for you and your community? It is great to see what they come up with.
Day 29: Fading Fast
Day 29:  Fading Fast
Fading Fast Well it must be acknowledged that my son loved the last picture I did with Woody so much that I decided it was time for his toys to star in another of my pictures. When we look at pictures I take of him by the way and I ask who that is his response is always "baby" or "boy" but when I show him a picture of Woody it's "that's my big Woody". Two year olds... The concept here is to show my son's evolving preferences in play toys. Elmo and Grover now get tossed aside in favor of good old Woody. Camera Data This was two separate exposures. The background layer was of just Woody and the foreground layer was of Woody with Elmo and Grover at 50% opacity. I shot on tripod with identical settings removing Elmo and Grover after getting the exposure just right. Camera data can be found below. D90 | 50mm f/1.8 | 1/100 sec | f5 | 50mm | No Flash

two year old toys for boys
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